First half (09:00-1:30 AM): THERAPEUTIC HOTLINE

Basics & Advanced Course on Hair Transplantation

Timings Topics Faculty
09:00-09:25 AM Registration
09:30-09:43 AM Choosing the right candidate for Hair Transplant  Dharmendra Karn
09:45-09:58 AM Art before Science – Hair Line Designing Prashant Agrawal
10.00-10.13 AM Video on FUE Faculty
10:15-10:25 AM FUE in advanced grade AGA Akhilendra Singh
10:26-10:37 AM Hair Transplant in crown  Prashant Agrawal
10:38-10:51 AM Hair Transplant in Women Aklish Jain
10:53-11:04 AM Post transplant care- Ensuring success, avoiding pitfalls Akhilendra Singh
11:05- 11:18 AM Open House Discussion / Tea Break
11:20-11:38 AM Branding and Marketing for Hair Transplant Centre Dharmendra Arora
11.40-11.52 AM Difficult cases in Hair Transplant Aklish Jain
11:55 -12:08 PM Emergencies in OT during HT Faculty
12:10 -12:23 PM Soft Skills and Grooming for Dermatologists Dharmendra Arora
12:25-12:50 PM Panel Discussion
Optimizing your results – Tips and Tricks on intra-operative and post-operative approaches
Sudha Agrawal
Akhilendra Singh
Aklish Jain
Dharmendra Karn
Prashant Agrawal
01:00- 01:30 PM Lunch

Second half (1:30-5:30 PM): TRICHOSCOPY
The latest non-invasive diagnostic tool for Hair Disorders for practicing Dermatologist


Dr Sidharth Sonthalia

Expert Faculty

Dr Abhijeet Kumar Jha
Dr Arshdeep Singh
Dr Rachita Dhurat
Dr Sidharth Sonthalia
Dr Sonali Langar

Timings Topic/Agenda Faculty Mode
1.30-1.40 PM Pre-Test Analysis Sidharth Sonthalia Projection of Qs
1.45-1.58 PM Curtain Raiser – How Dermoscopy helps even the busiest practitioner! Sidharth Sonthalia Short Talk
2.00-2.08 PM Physics of Dermatoscopy Sonali Langar Short Talk
2.10-2.20 PM Normal scalp on Trichoscopy Arshdeep Singh Short talk + Live Demo
2.25-2.40 PM Holding and using your instrument & exining the scalp All faculty
Small Group Demo
3.00-3.13 PM Androgenetic alopecia – Men (MPHL) & Women (FPHL) Abhijeet K Jha Short Talk + Live Demo
3.35-3.40 PM TEA BREAK
3.45-4.00 PM Alopecia Areata Arshdeep Singh Short Talk + Live Demo
4.02-4.15 PM Alopecia Areata All Faculty hort Group Hands-on
4.20-4.35 PM Cicatricial Alopecias – LP Pilaris, DLE, FFA, and others Rachita Dhurat Short Talk + Live Demo
4.38-4.55 PM Cicatricial Alopecias – LP Pilaris, DLE, FFA, and others All Faculty Short Group Hands-on
5.00-5.13 PM Miscellaneous Interesting Conditions – Pediculosis, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Trichotillomania Sonali Langar Short Talk + Live Demo
5.15-5.25 PM Quiz & Post Test Analysis Sidharth Sonthalia Projection of Qs
5.30-5.45 PM Which dermoscope to buy? Abhijeet K Jha Short Talk
5.45-6.00 PM Open Discussion & Valedictory Function All faculty and Delegates Open discussion

7:00 PM onwards: Banquet Dinner at Dhulikhel Lodge Resort