With immense pleasure,the Indian Society of Dermoscopy,Onychoscopy & Trichoscopy (ISODOT) and DERMASOURCEINDIA welcome you to the first Asia Pacific Summit on Dermoscopy [APSOD], the first continental congress of ISODOT and the first regional congress of International Dermoscopy Society (IDS),being held in New Delhi-Noida (NCR), India from 3rd-4th June.Being held under the aegis of the International Dermoscopy Society,the scientific and organizing teams of this Summit are putting in their best efforts to ensure APSOD being a global scientific celebration, bringing together all passionate dermoscopists around the globe, from inspiring teachers and experienced clinicians to young researchers and residents.

Non-invasive techniques are fast becoming the sine qua non of diagnostics, including dermatology. Despite skin histopathology being the gold standard of diagnosis of skin disorders, dermoscopy has arrived at the scene in a colossal way. Dermoscopic patterns of various skin, hair and nail disorders are increasingly becoming non-invasive signature of cutaneous disorders. Apart from diagnosis, dermoscopy offers a profusion of extra-diagnostic uses including better patient comprehension about his/her disease, prognostication, pre- and post-therapy comparison, and sometimes as a diagnostic technique superior to histology. Further, dermoscopy is lending clues to unravel the pathogenesis of many disorders such as melasma and its utility is being explored in aesthetic dermatology as well. We are transcending from the era of clinicohistological diagnosis to clinicodermoscopic diagnosis at a fast pace. Can any of us can afford to be left behind in this academic race! NO. Thus, it is imperative for all dermatologists to learn and eventually master this hitherto ignored, but immensely versatile and useful technique.

APSOD is expected to be attended by 300+ delegates and faculty, and shall serve as a source of providing not just extant knowledge about the science and fine art of dermoscopy, but fostering the learning of new and latest trends in dermoscopy, including advances in Trichoscopy, Inflammoscopy, Pigmentaroscopy, Onychoscopy, Entodermoscopy, and Mucoscopy. An insight into non-invasive imaging beyond dermoscopy, especially Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Reflectance Confocal Microscopy (RCM) shall constitute bonus erudition!
Additionally, HANDS-ON training shall be provided to all attending delegates during the deliberations of a passionately drafted scientific programme spread over two-days, in two curriculum-defined and approved BASICS and MASTERS courses.

The younger lot of dermoscopy enthusiasts would be rewarded with international scholarships, and opportunity to present their research papers or reports during the Award and Free Paper sessions during the summit.

The Summit being graced by Who’s Who of Dermoscopy from around the globe as faculty, including Dr Amilios Lallas, Dr Harald Kittler, Dr Geppi Argenziano, Dr Iris Zalaudek; in addition to noted masters of Dermoscopy from the fraternity of Indian Dermatology is a testimony to the expected success of this grand academic wassail.

The details about scientific program, scholarship opportunities, and registration shall be made available online soon and on-line registration would also commence by the second week of April 2017.

Our website and social media portals including facebook, twitter and others shall keep our delegates and faculty constantly updated about the Summit.

India, the citadel of all ancient as well as modern learning, is working with the developed and leading nations of the world in every sphere of education and innovation. Indian dermatology has a rich history and the prowess of Indian dermatologists is a testimony to the high standard of diagnostic and therapeutic dermatology being practiced in this country.

The venue – National Capital Region (NCR) consists of New Delhi (the national capital of India) and four townships of Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. Apart from being the bastion of the best culinary delights of Indian cuisine, Delhi has loads to offer in terms of tourism. From the exquisite monuments of the Mughal era to the splendid temples of Akshardham and Bahai (Lotus temple), the venue city is waiting to take
our guests on a trip, meandering through the sublime artifacts of her rich cultural heritage. A trip to the Golden triangle that further includes Agra (the city of the TAJMAHAL), and Jaipur (the Pink City of Palaces) is a must for our guests who wish to experience India in all her essence.

With great pleasure and a penchant to share and learn dermoscopy, and showcase our cultural heritage and hospitality we invite all of you to accompany us in the exploration and advancement of the

Looking forward to meeting you in NCR-Delhi…………….

APSOD 2017