Time Topic Speaker
Master of ceremonies: Amrita Chatterjee, Deepak Jakhar
09.00-10.15 AM ROUND 1
Frankly Speaking
Epidemiology, Clinical Spectrum and Pathogenesis of PCOD
Referees: Nina Madnani, Rashmi Sarkar, SN Bhattacharya
09.00-09.10 AM The rising incidence of PCOD in India – Another “invisible epidemic”! AK Sharma
Professor, Community Medicine & Biostatistics, UCMS & GTBH, Delhi
09.15-09.25 AM The Dermatological Spectrum of PCOD: A brief review Sangeeta Verma
Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Kaya Skin Clinic, Gurgaon
09.30-09.40 AM The Gynecological Spectrum of PCOD: Correlation with Dermatological presentation Sandeep Chadha
Senior Consultant Gynecologist, Jaypee Hospital, Noida
09.45-09.55 AM “Endochronology” of PCOD – An Overview of Hormonal Pathogenesis Saket Kant
Senior Consultant Endocrinologist, New Delhi
10.00-10.10 AM Einstein’s Take: The Unified
Field Theory (UFT) of PCOD
Biju Vasudevan
Associate Professor, INHS Asvini, Bengaluru
10.15-10.25 AM MUHURAT
Guests: GS Banga, Mukesh Girdhar, Rajesh Buddhadev
10.30-10.40 AM BREAKING NEWS – “Tea & Snacks”
10.45-11.35 AM ROUND 2
Prime Pulse
Diagnosing PCOD: Evolving consensus!
Referees: Meenu Saluja, Vineet Relhan
10.45–10.53 AM PCOD and PCOS “Potato-Patato” OR “Apples & Oranges”! Saurabh Shah
Dermatologist, Mumbai
10.55–11.05 AM Glut of Criteria, Gluttony for
Rajat Kandhari
Dermatologist, Kandhari
Skin & Dental Clinic, New Delhi
11.10-11.20 AM PCOM versus PCOD and beyond…..The Quintessential and Pitfalls of Imaging for diagnosis
Parul Garg
Senior Consultant Radiologist, Jaypee Hospital, Noida
11.25-11.35 AM Humoral Vista –Endocrinologist’s perspective Sunil Mishra
Senior Consultant Endocrinologist, Medanta: The Medicity, Gurgaon
11.40-12.05 AM ROUND 3
Devil’s Advocate
Diagnosing PCOD – Unifying divergent conjectures
Referees: AK Sharma, Saket Kant, Sandeep Chadha
Sanjiv Kandhari
Parul Garg, Priyanka Batra,
Rajat Kandhari, Saurabh Shah, Sunil Mishra
12.10-12.20 PM Mind Games Quiz Masters
Pallavi Ailawadi
Senior Resident, MAMC &
LN Hospital, New Delhi

Deepak Jakhar
Junior Resident, UCMS &
GTB Hospital, New Delhi
12.25-12.45 PM Coffee with Nina
Sheilly Kapoor
Sidharth Sonthalia
Nina Madnani
Senior Consultant
Dermatologist, P.D.
Hinduja Hospital & Sir
HN Reliance Hospital,
12.50-01.00 PM MAN OF THE MATCH
Dermasource Innovation Award
01.00-01.45 PM NON-COMMERCIAL BREAK – “Lunch”
02.00-03.00 PM ROUND 4
Wide Angle
Metabolic Syndrome & Life Style Modification
Protocols (LSMP)

Referees:Niti Khunger, Rajesh Buddhadev
02.00-02.10 PM Metabolic Syndrome in PCOD – Quantifying the Burden & Patient Evaluation Hansa Gupta
Senior Consultant
Paras Hospital & Miracle Clinic
02.15-02.25PM “Physics” of LSMP – Beyond just prescribing “weight loss” Pravesh Yadav
Assistant Professor
Dr BSA Medical College &
Hospital, New Delhi
02.30-02.40 PM Nutrimetabolomics – The cardinal therapeutic approach in LSMP Deepti Verma
Technical Head of Nutrition, VLCC National Education Division (India), New Delhi
02.45-02.55 PM Dietary Regimes in PCOD – What works, what does not! Shikha Sharma
Founder & Managing
Director, Nutri-
HealthSystems Private Limited
03.00-04.00 PM ROUND 5
Left, Right & Centre
Treating PCOD: Avant Garde Management!
Referees: Latika Arya, Ramchander, Tejinder Kaur
03.00-03.8 PM Managing Acne in PCOD Niti Khunger
Professor of Dermatology VMMC & Safdurjung Hospital New Delhi
03.10-03.18 PM Managing Hair loss in PCOD Gaurang Krishna
Senior Consultant Trichologist
Medlinks, New Delhi
03.20-03.28 PM Managing Hirsutism in PCOD Anuj Pall
Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Max Hospital, Gurgaon
03.30-03.38 PM Hyperpigmentation issues in PCOD
and their management
Rashmi Sarkar
Professor of Dermatology MAMC & LN Hospital, New Delhi
03.40-03.48 PM Metabolic Syndrome in PCOD – Therapeutic Pearls Sushila Kataria
Senior Consultant Internist Medanta: The Medicity Gurgaon
03.50-04.00 PM PCOD in Adolescence – Cracking the diagnostic & therapeutic Conundrum Sheilly Kapoor
Senior Consultant Dermatologist Medanta: The Medicity Gurgaon
04.15-04.25 PM ANOTHER BREAKING NEWS – “Tea & Snacks”
04.30-04.45 PM ROUND 6
The Flipside
Alternative Medicine in PCOD
Hunting for Greener Pastures

Referees: GS Banga, Sakshi Srivastava, Shikha Sharma
04.45-04.52 PM The Burden of Pills – Unconventional therapies to the rescue Sidharth Sonthalia
Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Skinnocence: The Skin Clinic & Research Centre,
04.53-05.00 PM Reflexology in PCOD: My Experience Deepak Gupta
Senior Consultant Reflexologist, Gurgaon
05.00-05.40 PM ROUND 7
We The People
Soni Nanda
Expert Panel
Hansa Gupta
Mukesh Girdhar
Priyanka Batra
SN Bhattacharya
Sanjiv Kandhari
Shikha Sharma
Sunil Mishra
05.45-06.00 PM ROUND 8
The Buck Stops here
Take Home Message
Referees: Deepti Verma, Pikun Gangwani, Rohit Batra
Deepashri Daulatabad
Sumit Gupta
Biju Vasudevan